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About us

We're obssessed with saving you time.

The story

Based in San Diego, California, Xpenser was founded in 2008 by experienced entrepreneurs who were tired of wasting time on expense reports.

Xpenser grew from a simple core concept: the ability to record your expenses immediately, while you have all of relevant information handy, instead of weeks or months later when you've forgotten where you were, who you were with, and what the expenses were for. No more wallets full of receipts, no more forgotten and unreimbursed cash expenses.

To enable this we had to be available on every device, every interface, everywhere – what we call omni-present interfaces. We built connectivity to just about everything possible: voice, iPhone, Android, WebOS, email, SMS, Twitter, IM, browser search box, directly integrated in GMail…

As our user base grew we found that users didn't want to learn what format we wanted them to use for their submissions – they simply wanted to send us what made sense to them. So we put a great deal of effort into figuring out what user submissions mean: we analyzed over a million submissions using artificial intelligence techniques to discover how to parse your submissions, how to categorize them, how to extract the relevant parts of the email receipts you forward to Xpenser, and so forth.

Our approach

Our innovative approach has been noticed by a number of publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, and Mashable. But most importantly we've relied on your feedback, your tweets, blog posts, and your word of mouth to help us to grow to where we are today, tracking tens of millions of expenses for tens of thousands of clients all over the world, ranging from individuals to non-profits and multi-national companies.

Our team brings a wealth of experience working on the largest, most interesting problems in web and in finance, and our experience in designing and running some of the web's largest systems allows us to ensure Xpenser remains lightning fastest and scales with you as you grow.

Please follow us on twitter, subscribe to our blog, try Xpenser for yourself, and as always please contact us at to let us know what's on your mind or just to say hi.