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Expense, Time, and Mileage Tracking

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Why to choose Xpenser?

Trusted by 50,000+ clients world-wide

“I take a picture of the receipt and it's automatically in my expense report. One click and it's submitted for approval. Saves me about 5 hours a month
Dan Harding, Strategic Accounts, RightScale

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10 Reasons You'll Love Xpenser

Mobile Time, Expense, and Receipt Capture

Use your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, SMS, Email, IM, or Voice to capture time, expenses, and receipts, then manage, search, print, and submit them, all in one unified place. No more wallet bursting with receipts, no marathon expense entry sessions at the end of the month.

Automated Credit Card Import and Categorization

Your credit card transactions are automatically imported, categorized, and placed into your expense report. No more manual entry - it doesn't get easier than that!

One Click Submission, One Click Approval

Click a single button to submit your expense report — Xpenser will automatically route it to the appropriate approver, sending an email notice with a PDF of your expenses and receipts, and a link for approval. Managers can review expense reports from within the email and click a single button to approve or reject. No more faxes, paper receipts, or lost reports.

Simple and Intuitive

It's just an expense report. You should be able to record it on the run, edit it by just clicking on it, review it with ease, and submit and track it without resorting to spreadsheets or ugly interfaces. Think about how hard that is with your current system.

With Xpenser you'll be done with your expense report before you're done with your trip.

Full Administrative Control

Choose your approval and routing policies from our pre-built templates, or design your own. Manage your employee accounts, their roles, and their projects. Review pending and approved reports, access the full audit trail, re-assign or move reports, or send reminders to late submitters and approvers.

Integrated with your Back-End Financial Systems

No more manual entry of expense details into your financial system - Xpenser's automated export and synchronization means your QuickBooks, Dynamics GP, Peachtree, Freshbooks, or other backend system will be updated with no effort.

Faster Timesheets and Client Billing

Tired of late expense reports delaying client billing? Xpenser allows you to track time and expenses by project, client, or job. No more waiting for your employees to enter their timesheets and expenses - they'll be done before they get home.

Safe, Secure, Audit Proof, and Paperless

We store your receipts and expenses are stored securely, with multiple off-site backups, to ensure your safety. Doing an audit? Your expenses and receipts are accessible online and searchable anytime. You're also saving trees: everything is done online, from capture, all the way through submission and approval until integration with your financial system.

International Support

We have clients in just about every corner of the world, so Xpenser supports a vast number of currencies and tax rates. It's also customizable: You can set your own tax rate, base currency, time zone, etc. Xpenser automatically converts foreign currency expenses to your base currency so you don't have to worry about it.

We Are NOT Robots

Give this a try:
Call us at 1-877-771-5103 or email

You'll reach an actual human, often someone from the development team, who can answer your questions and help you get setup quickly and easily. You'll have your own personal concierge who'll help ensure your every interaction with Xpenser is a great one.

"So useful, so incredible."


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Anywhere, Any Device.

iPhone, Android,
BlackBerry, WebOS, ...

Take a picture of the receipt with your mobile phone.

Forward your email receipts to Xpenser.

Record expenses via Email, SMS, IM, Twitter, or call & say them.

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Organize, Submit.

Manage, analyze, audit, remind, tag, etc.

Print with receipts.

Submit and approve, setup policies, budgets, currency conversion, and
per-client routing.

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Connect, integrate.

Export to QuickBooks, MS Dynamics GP, FreshBooks, Outright, Quicken, ...

Administer accounts and employees.

Synchronize vendors & chart of accounts.

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